Hooked on Homeland

I kept hearing how great Homeland was but with all my activities I couldn't fit another TV show into my life. Then last Tuesday happened. That morning I got stung on the tip of my nose by a paper wasp, stubbed a third toe on my left foot badly, turning it black and blue--though I don't know how I did it--worked my part-time recruiting job on the Internet for a few hours--and then drove to Burbank for an audition I didn't book. Bad day all around. I came home exhausted and too demoralized to write. I turned on Video on Demand and watched seven episodes of the first season of Homeland. By Friday, I was caught up to the second episode of the current season. It's a great show. But now I have to get back to my writing--until the next episode Sunday.

Also, I had an idea for a screenplay about vampires, since completing my vampire novel--won't give away the plot here--but after doing some Internet research I discovered many people think they are vampires--I mean I have always known about them--but I thought they mainly liked dressing up in goth costumes and painting their lips black. I didn't realize they drank blood and they're organized into communities which include donors--black swans--who enjoy letting people suck blood from them. Sorry, vamps and black swans but when I went to the lab to get my blood drawn for a routine physical last week, after the three tubes of blood they got from me, I didn't feel like partying.