Guest Author: Olga Nunez Miret Lets Readers Choose The Ending Of Her Novella

Today, as part of my new Guest Author Series I am highlighting the work of Olga Nunez Miret:
Click Me Happy! by Olga Nunez Miret

Vanessa has been so kind as to offer me a spot in her blog to talk about my new novel (well, novella) Click Me Happy! It’s a romantic novella, but as I say in the subtitle, it’s a romantic novella with Three Endings. Three endings? Yes, but first let me tell you something about the novella, and then I offer you the preface where I explain a bit why the three endings thing. I also bring you some links so you can contact me and get to know more about me, and in case you’re still a bit curious, I also offer my official (Amazon) biography. Ah, and before I forget, as I think it’s a very good read for the summer, at the moment it’s on special promotion for only $0.99.


Do you believe in love at first sight or first click? Do you think your life should be a romantic novel? Would you like to be able to choose the ending? If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions or feel intrigued by them, this novel offers you a unique opportunity. You can choose what kind of ending you want: unhappy, happy or neutral.

Lilith, the protagonist, does not believe in all that ‘romantic nonsense’. When her boss and friend, Debbie, asks her to create a digital books section for the library where they both work she triggers a series of events that shake all of Lilith’s strongly held beliefs.

Her dislike for social networking is put to the test and despite her love for privacy and technological naïveté she manages to make a number of virtual connections. The most interesting one, without a question, is Zane, a talented and attractive author and painter. Their friendship quickly develops into something else. But, what exactly? Lilith doesn’t have a clue.

A bet with Rowena, her childhood best-friend, offers her an opportunity to test her feelings for Zane and their relationship and a meeting, ‘real’ this time, is organized in the gorgeous setting of Bermuda.

At that point, you, the reader, have the choice. Do you want the story to end up happy ever after? Do you think there’s no chance for them? Or maybe you believe that there has to be more to life than romantic stories and a neutral ending or new beginning is more true to life? You can pick and choose your ending, or you can read all of them and choose your favorite, or even create your own and let me know. I’d love to hear from you! (I leave you links to contact me at the end.) Don’t be strangers! And remember to CLICK!


Dear readers:

You’ll probably be wondering: what’s this thing about A Romantic Novella with Three Endings? I had some comments about the ending of one of my novels The Man Who Never Was. It seemed people would have preferred a happy ending. I don’t think it’s unhappy, it’s open but…I had to admit happy endings are not my strongest point, and that got me thinking.

When the idea for a romantic story forged itself in my brain, I thought: Most people would probably expect a happy ending. I’m not really much of a romance writer (or I didn’t think so anyway), so I’m bound to think things will end up badly. Or at least not necessarily in romantic bliss. The more I thought about, the more it bothered me. And I decided to offer the readers the choice. I started thinking of writing two endings: one happy and one unhappy. Eventually I realized I would probably had chosen a neutral ending as my preferred option (I love extremes but don’t tend to adopt them myself) and I thought, why not three?

Basically I’ve written the story of the characters and at a certain point I’ll give you the option to choose one of the endings. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from reading the three, or even inventing a different one. I give you the situation, see what you think!

At the end of the book I offer you some links where you can get in contact with me, and get information about my writing. Feel free to post your opinion, share with others, make comments…And, especially if you like it, I’d be very grateful if you could write a review. Of course if you don’t like it you can also write a review, but I won’t be so grateful.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy!




Olga Núñez Miret is from Barcelona but has lived in the UK for over 20 years.
She is a doctor and her day job is as a Forensic Psychiatrist (not exactly like the profilers in the movies, or anything to do with CSI either), but she has also completed a degree in American Literature at the University of Sussex (including a year abroad at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts) and a PhD on the Films of David Mamet. She was also teaching assistant whilst completing the PhD, mostly on Film courses.
Always a learner, she has recently finished a Distance Learning MSc on Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Leicester.
Olga has loved reading and writing since she was a child. Her father always says that even before she could read she'd always ask what any signs or writing meant. She has written a variety of things over the years: short stories (some now disappeared), novels, novellas and plays, in English, Spanish and Catalan. Some have been edited into the trash bin, but a few are still available and sitting quietly waiting for their moment in the sun. (Or an e-reader, most likely). Due to the many distractions (studies and jobs) she has never fully dedicated herself to the business of writing, but after a minor health scare she decided that there is no time like now. Carpe diem!
Her main love is fiction; she has written in a variety of genres (crime, family saga, paranormal, science fiction...) and she is currently working on a series for young adults.
Apart from reading and writing, she loves the cinema, the theater (modern, classic, musicals...), fitness classes (and more recently also yoga), walking, crochet, and owls. Her main aim is not to be boring and to entertain.
The first of her books to be published as e-book (October 2012) is The Man Who Wasn't There also available in Spanish version: El hombre que nunca existió.
In December 2012 she published 3 novellas in the series Escaping Psychiatry, Cannon Fodder (Escaping Psychiatry Part 1), Teamwork (Escaping Psychiatry Part 2), and Memory (Escaping Psychiatry Part 3). The author has used her experience and insights in these three works of fiction that follow Mary, psychiatrist and writer, and her adventures.
In February 2013 she published a Young Adult novella in English,Twin Evils, and Spanish, Gemela Maldad. This story talks about sibling rivalry taken to extremes, friendship, romance and has a touch of the paranormal.
In June 20013 she published her first foray in romantic fiction: Click Me Happy! a novella where readers can choose between three endings, an unhappy, a neutral and an unhappy one.
She is working on further adventures on the series Escaping Psychiatry and...many other things.


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Thanks you Vanessa for having me and specially thank you to all your readers. Happy reading!