The Leprechaun On My Street Shows Herself Again

In my last post I wrote that an unknown, homeless-looking woman weeded and swept the parkways on my street, including the oleander bush on my patch of parkway. My sister called her the mysterious leprechaun. It turns out she's not homeless. She lives down the street. She just likes wearing old clothes when gardening--smart, huh?

On Thursday, when the battery in my car died as I was about to leave for a dental appointment, I opened my garage door to wait for the Auto Club and saw the woman cleaning up the debris around my oleander bush. Feeling no shame, because I hate gardening, I thanked her for doing this.

"Well it needs it," she said. She told me when her kids were young she used to sweep the alley behind their house so they didn't play near any broken glass.

After cleaning my parkway, she swept a few others down the street and went into her house.

Mystery solved. Should I have told her about my backyard?