The High Life of the Modern Vampire

The lover, the perfect boyfriend, the girlfriend, the partner, the good guy. I am, of course, describing a modern vampire. A depiction of vampires where their age-old role as monsters has been changed to that the hero. 

It’s unclear where this new depiction of vampires came from. The vampire has made the transition from frightener to superhero. A superman with fangs and a great smile. They have immortality, super strength, the ability to influence others and a boat load of desirable trait.

In adaptations like Vampire Diaries, Twilight, True Blood and a host of other shows it seems the vampire no longer has any significant downsides. They can become friends with non-vampires, get invited to parties and all the religious paraphernalia that used to scare them off now doesn’t even make them sweat in the slightest.  

Even the sun, traditionally the most commonly know way to kill off a vampire, has become a better friend to the undead. For example in True Blood you can stand on the other side of special glass windows and enjoy your day. In the ever popular Vampire Diaries, it's solved in quick time by getting a witch to cast a spell on your jewellery and, of course, in Twilight you just need to stand in the shade and hope for the best. The sun has been tamed by the modern vampire.

And what of the blood drinking? Well there are options for the modern vampire. Drink synthetic blood out of bags—like they do in True Blood.

Now don’t get me wrong here. I am not saying all vampires have become modernized. It’s just rare to see a traditional vampire these days. 30 Days of Night comes to mind as one of those rare occasions where the vampire is the bad guy. The rogue vampires still exist to frighten unwitting picturegoers but it’s becoming a rarer sight.

But if you are a vampire in a universe like Vampire Diaries or True Blood, it seems to me that either individual vampires dramas or vampire politics are the only downsides to being one of the undead.
It seems that vampirism is just a ticket to being perfect, sexy and youthful for hundreds or thousands of years.

So the million dollar question is- Why would anyone not want to be a vampire in these modern depictions?