An American Indian Vampire Story

An ancient Native American vampire legend has been passed down from generation to generation—the tale of a medicine man and his wife, Laughing Sky.

A very powerful medicine man ruled his tribe wisely and with kindness. The medicine man married his beloved Laughing Sky, and the two of them were happy until they learned that she could never have a son. In desperation, the medicine man prayed to the Great Spirit, but those prayers were never answered. Laughing Sky was starting to get beyond child bearing age and becoming more and more desperate. The medicine man screamed out that unless the Great Spirit bore him a son, he would no longer obey and serve the Great Spirit. Time kept passing by, and Laughing Sky still could not get pregnant.

With time running out, the medicine man turned to dark magic for help. He opened a portal and released a powerful spirit from the realm of the shadows. The spirit was named Jumlin, and in return for the help of the medicine man, he promised him sons and daughters. However, the evil spirit lied and took over the heart and mind of the misguided medicine man.

Jumlin was a cruel and evil spirit that fed on the blood of all living things. He first fed on the blood of the Indian braves, and when they were gone, he started to feed on the women and children of the tribe. The tribe started to live in fear of the leader they once loved and sent the strongest of the remaining members of the tribe to other tribes to learn of the spirit and how to destroy it. Since Jumlin was so powerful, though, none of their attempts worked.

Laughing Sky became very sick as she neared giving birth to Jumlin’s creation. After her son was born, Jumlin turned on Laughing Sky and drained her blood. He then escaped with his offspring called “Laughing Bear” along with some of the tribe’s women and escaped.

Laughing Bear grew up to be as evil as Jumlin and just as strong. One day, hunters caught up with him and Jumlin. The medicine man and the spirit inside him were destroyed, but the offspring Laughing Bear escaped, and according to American Indian legend, he still stalks the earth sucking blood and spreading his evil.

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