The Legacy of Fear (Horror at the Lake (A Vampire Tale) (Book 1) is Now Available To Buy!

From Vanessa A. Ryan 

Published by Permuted Press
Susan Runcan is on a quest to clear the name of her grandfather Lindon Runcan, the famous archeologist whose career ended under a cloud of suspicion. Although Lindon claimed thieves stole precious artifacts from his last expedition in Egypt, depriving the Egyptian government and his backers of the spoils, Lindon stole them himself. 

After the death of her uncle, Susan is the last of the Runcans and inherits the artifacts, along with her grandfather's stately home in Lake Masley. Susan comes to the lake hoping to discover the reason her grandfather risked his career for these artifacts. What she finds is a town filled with rumors and fear. And what she discovers will change her life forever.

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You can also pre-order A Palette For Murder (A Lana Davis Mystery) from Vanessa A. Ryan!


Published by Cengage Gale

Lana Davis arrives in New Mexico from Los Angeles, with plans for some sightseeing. But this all-expense-paid trip isn't a vacation. She's here to find Antonio Chavez, the missing beneficiary of a large life insurance policy her company issued, and last seen in Santa Fe. A disgruntled heir insists he should receive the proceeds instead. However bogus his claim is, the public relations nightmare he causes for her company is real. If Lana doesn't find Antonio, her job is on the line.

Lana's search for Antonio brings her into the inner circle of a powerful art gallery in Santa Fe. But she soon discovers, when art and greed collide, the result is deadly. And finding herself a target is more than she signed up for. 

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