Do You Dare Visit Highgate Cemetery in London?

In the 1800s Highgate Cemetery near London was constructed, but by the late 1960s, it had fallen into neglect. The decline of the cemetery coincided with stories that started circulating—stories that told of vampires and supernatural occurrences emanating from the graveyard. Soon, newspapers started to pick up the stories, and England’s newest vampire legend was born.

Two young girls were heading home one evening after spending time with friends in Highgate Village. As they passed Highgate Cemetery, they couldn’t believe what they saw. Four bodies seemed to be emerging from their tombs.

A short time later, a couple walking past the cemetery caught sight of something hovering behind the iron railings of the gate that encircled it. As the two stunned bystanders watched, they noticed its contorted face—an image that terrified them for years.

As more and more people started to notice the “being” that lived within the cemetery, stories began to emerge of drained animal carcasses, and newspapers started a national frenzy. In the early ’70s, one young lady claimed that she met face to face with the “vampire” on the path that went alongside of the cemetery. She claimed that as she returned home one morning she was thrown to the ground with force by a “tall figure” with a “deathly white face.” She was lucky that a car stopped to help her and the white faced demon vanished. The young lady was taken to the local police station, shocked to the core. She only suffered abrasions to her arms and legs, and although the police combed the area, they could not find the culprit or any evidence of its existence. It was also noted that where the victim had been attacked, the road was surrounded by 12-ft walls.

The stories did not end there. A visitor to Highgate Village decided to check out the graveyard some time later. As he walked around checking out the gravestones, the sun begin to go down, and he found himself walking around in darkness. He became lost but stayed calm. As he hunted for the gate, he realized that he was being followed. As he decided to confront whatever it was behind him, he turned around swiftly and suddenly became paralyzed with fear. A tall figure stood in front of him. He stood shocked and afraid for several minutes until the “creature” vanished.

Even today, there are stories of activity within the graveyard. The black figure is still reported at the cemetery, and there have been reports of the “black figure” in the lane that runs alongside the cemetery. A lady recently saw a creature with bright eyes disappear through the cemetery wall as she drove past.  However, one of the strangest occurrences happened in the mid-’70s—a dog walker returned to his car to find a freshly dug up body in his car. The car doors were still locked and there were no signs of entry… What is going on in Highgate, England?

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