Do You Still Want To Use The London Subway?

When it comes to ghosts and ghostly goings-on many people are still unaware that the London Underground is reputedly one of the most haunted places in the world. This really comes as no surprise—the London underground happens to be the world’s oldest underground railway—it’s been in operation since 1863.

The gruesome goings on though started before the construction of the underground had even finished. Architects and engineers alike were hard-pressed to build the tunnels without knowing the exact placement of the huge burial pits dug out for the huge numbers of victims of the Black Death in 1664. Inevitably construction workers found themselves burrowing into these pits and disturbing the remains of victims of the Black Death hundreds of years after they have been buried unceremoniously in pits deep beneath the city of London. In some cases the walls of the tube stations are built against these burial pits and unsuspecting travellers are closer to the dead than they would ever believe. Aldgate Station is actually built upon a plague pit, so is Liverpool Street Station and South Kensington is built around a pit that was so filled with human remains there was no way to go through it, even with machinery.

However the tube is also home to some very creepy ghostly experiences. It must be remembered that the series of underground tunnels has been through wars, accidents and suicides for many, many years now…

Let’s start with… Aldgate Station

An electrician working on the electrics of the station electrocuted himself to the tune of 20,000 volts and survived. His co-workers said that they saw an older lady who was almost transparent “stroking his hair.” There have been reports of footsteps which end abruptly which echo through the cavernous tunnels of the station and tracks.

Mysterious Women at King’s Cross St. Pancras…

First opened in 1852 this station had been the centre of many strange occurances through the years. A brown haired woman was seen kneeling in one of the corners of the stations corridors with her arms spread. A traveller tried to offer her help but when the ghost figure saw him she disappeared into thin air.

The Lady in the Red Scarf at Ickenham Station

During the 50’s a lady fell onto the tracks was electrocuted and died. Later a ghost was reported wearing a distinguished red scarf. The ghost was also reported to have been seen at the exact point where the lady died and has been known to wave her arms at passengers as though she wants their attention.

The Spectre of Bank Station

The supposed ghost of a lady named Sarah Whitehead has been heard and seen at Bank Station. She is normally seen in the corridors and is looking for her brother, Philip, who worked at the Bank of England. Philip was sentenced to death in the early 1800’s for forgery. So traumatized by her brothers death she visited the bank every day asking to see him and when she finally died she was buried near the bank in the yard of a nearby church which no longer exists.

The Screams of Farrington Station

An old station that has been in operation since 1863. Ann Naylor haunts this station. A 13 year old girl who was murdered in a building which was demolished before the station was built. Passengers have reported loud screams, crying and pleas for help within the station. The ghost is now known as “The Screaming Spectre” and has become very famous.

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