More on the The Mystery of the Monterrey Witch

A few weeks ago I featured a story about a possible witch sighting in Monterrey, Mexico. While researching my next blog article, I discovered a story that relates to those witch sightings—an independent story from the 1980s. What do you make of this? The story keeps getting creepier and creepier.

“I recently browsed a story the previous month of My Correct Tales called The Witch from the Mexican Hills, and I simply should tell this story since the similarities are insane. Even if this did not ensue to Pine Tree State, however among my aunts, I fully believe it.

It happened within town of Monterrey within the late Nineteen Eighties. My relations (the facet of my mom) is extraordinarily huge. My grandparents had six daughters and one son. The second oldest female offspring, we’ll call her Lisa, has on occasion had experiences with the paranormal. It’s love to follow her.

Prior to when she married, once she was around twenty one years old or so, she and her sisters had to share bedroom. She shared a bed with my second aunty, Val. Aunty Lisa told us that one evening that she and Val stayed awake one time talking, that was usual. She had her head turned toward the window that faced the road, while aunty Val had her back to it.

Aunt Lisa looked towards the window suddenly and saw a “thing” standing round the branches of a tree that was simply outside the window. She explained it had been gazing them. She represented it as a wife who was transient, pot bellied and wearing all black, however her article of clothing (or whatever it was) truly gave the look of black feathers. And her eyes had been scarlet. No pupils, no white, simply all red and shining.

At first she believed, It’s simply a bird, but it had the clear face of a lady. She in no way moved her eyes from it since she failed to want to be remarked as crazy  or liar and she thought that if she looked away, the issue would disappear. So, though she was dead-scared, she never broke her gaze from it.

She told aunty Val, Look out the window. What exactly is that? It’s red eyes. And aunty Val got afraid. She closed her eyes shut and shouted “No, I don’t wish to look at one thing!” Aunty Lisa started shaking her, begging her to look at it, however aunty Val’s eyes did not open. Sooner or later, aunty Lisa became so afraid and impatient that she ran towards the switch and flicked it on. Once the sunshine bulb exploded, my mother told Pine Tree State. She screamed primarily the foremost frightful, blood-curdling scream, waking everybody up.

When she started telling everyone regarding what she had ascertained hardly anyone believed her, though she was frantic and weeping uncontrollably. However there was nothing on the tree, there was no one outside, no one else had detected it. Sooner or later, all and sundry gave up and neglected it.

This is that the weird portion. By regarding 2005 and 2006, there was this story on the news regarding 2 cops who had seen some weird person they remarked as a witch. There is an opportunity to actually see the interview just in case you want to, Google Bruja nut Monterrey (which signifies Monterrey Witch), however the interview is in Spanish, thus I am going to translate what each of them stated: I saw a woman wearing black with feathers, and 2 black claws. The opposite cop said it had been flying.  I don’t know if I could send a link, but they made a spoken portrait and this is what they drew.”

Whatever the truth, there seems to be something happening in Monterrey. Two cops have seen something resembling a witch—and now this story. Who will see it next? You can see the original post here

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