The Mystery of the Monterrey Witch

Mexican newspapers printed the story of Geraldo Garza Carvajal, a Mexican policeman, serving with the Monterrey police department. Garza claimed to have seen something so unbelievable it has never been explained. That fateful night, Garza saw the Monterrey witches.

As a senior officer in the department, his story was not one to be taken lightly. His strange story began near the Panteon Municipal Cemetery. As he stood inside the guardhouse, he heard the sound of pebbles being thrown against the door. He went outside to see what had caused the noise. Outside, he stood face to face with two women who had the faces of old women, with black hats, red eyes, feathered wings and huge claws. As the witches laughed, Garza ran back into the guardhouse to call for backup. Within a short time, the area was surrounded, and the witches took flight.

Garza was taken to a hospital in deep shock and recovered. He claims that the officers who came to his assistance saw the same thing he did—two witches. As a senior officer, he only told the press because a colleague agreed to substantiate his claim; and even though he has never experienced any mental problems or hallucinations, and has undertaken many tests, his story is still questioned.

Even though the police spokesmen tried to tone down the case and avoid press attention, there had been other incidents. A younger officer called Leonardo Samaniego saw a similar witch in 2004. The 21-year-old reported that a creature “resembling” a witch had appeared suddenly as he patrolled the area and had chased his police car as he tried to escape by reversing out of the neighborhood.

He said that that he requested support from other units in the area, and at the same time the witch descended—coming down very slowly—and turned around. He said she was completely black—even her eyesockets, which according to Samaniego didn’t even have eyelids. The terrifying apparition landed on the windshield of his car and stared at him. He claims that he passed out.

And now there is video evidence of the so-called witch. Watch the video for yourself and make up your own mind. Did these two officers of the law come up against pure evil?

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