How The Vampire Became The Leading Man

Vampires, Angels, Werewolves and other supernatural outsiders that used to be considered the “bad” guys are now considered fiction’s hottest idols.

Creatures have always been able to thrill readers and moviegoers—from Karloff all the way through to Kruger—but it now seems that vampires do more than send shivers down the backs of women in bookstores and theatres. Fangs, fur and wings are now the biggest attraction, and any man with a pair of fangs and a cute smile will have no problem getting a date.

So what happened to cause the “bad boy” vampire to become the guy who got the girl? Is it their good looks? Great dress sense? In fact, when was the last time you saw an ugly vampire? I don’t think you saw one on “True Blood.”

Some of the appeal has to be the individualism of the vampire. The modern vampire—just like the traditional vampire—cuts a lonely, interesting and, now it seems, strangely attractive figure. The weirdness that would once have had him labelled as a freak now has him labelled as an individual who is just misunderstood. Perhaps the appeal is just down to the mystery of something new—something exciting. After generations of appealing biceps and strong, manly men, perhaps the world has turned and the idea of the sensitive, misunderstood hero is what gets the heart of women across the world?

In any case, the world’s fascination with vampires doesn’t seem to be dying away and doesn’t look like it will be a quick fad. Just one look at the upcoming movies and books list will tell you that vampires are here to stay, and those sensitive, academic, misunderstood heroes will keep the girls swooning. The vampire has replaced the leading man.

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