The Secrets of Cozy Mysteries

The cozy mystery is part of the crime fiction family that really gives readers the chance to be a part of a sleuth’s desire to solve a murder. These books are normally without any sex or violence, and the sleuth is normally an amateur crime fighter. The “cozy mystery” genre really appeals to the everyday reader and has a huge fanbase.

With my new cozy mystery, “A Palette forMurder,” on the market, I wanted to share three tips for success within the “cozy” market.

1. Try to Make Your Cozy a Series
If you are a fan of the cozy mystery genre, then you will already know that it’s always better to have a series. Try to bring the same characters back—especially reader favorites—and try to make your characters as interesting as possible, giving your character hobbies and building your book around that interest. Think “Murder She Wrote.” It will certainly add depth to your characters and your stories. If you can bring new life to your characters with each book, you may never need change your style.

2. Change Is Good
Don’t be afraid to try something new with your cozy mystery series. You can write about anything as long as you stick to the main rule—no explicit violence. This means you can really evolve as a writer, and you can allow your characters to grow. Readers today desire something more than the cozy mysteries of the past—they want that need to keep turning the pages. Don’t be afraid to hook your reader.

3. A Growing Market Is Always Good
The market for cozy mysteries is still a thriving marketplace, and many cozies end up on the bestseller listings. Now, that doesn’t mean your first book will net you a huge advance, but you will be positioning yourself for some instant recognition with the market. 

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