Vampires Make The Perfect Boyfriends

I was talking the other day to a lady who told me that she had seen a life size cut-out of Edward Cullen in a store and had put it in her basket, hoping she could buy it. Apparently, she had never much cared for Shaun Cassidy, had never gone gaga over Billy Joel, and couldn’t see any fascination with Bruce Springsteen; but that life size cut-out of one very famous film vampire had tempted her too much.

At first it seems a little strange that a 30-something year old woman with a husband and children might be so obsessed with Mr Cullen, but think about it this way—what girl can resist the ultimate bad boy who just happens to be a little on the dangerous side?

Perhaps the sexiest thing about those Vampire fellows is that they are dark, mysterious and, in many cases, disastrously handsome men who choose that one special girl… a special girl they can tell their secret to and, of course, being thousands of years old, a vampire hotty is going to be an experienced man who won’t ever get old, wrinkly and ornery.

For teenagers who have to put up with the ever-immature frat boys, the fascination must be that their dream Vampire gentleman is older, mature and experienced in the ways of life. It must be a huge plus that with such a big secret, he won’t have his dumb friends hanging around with him all day.

With the world’s fascination with Vampires continuing to grow, it doesn’t look like that dream man will ever go away. So instead of fantasizing over the latest teen idol, why don’t you try something immortal that won’t ever age or go bald? I think that’s a fascination worth having.

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