Five Mysteries That May Never Be Solved

Georgia Guidestones

Did you know America has its own version of Stonehenge? The Georgia Guidestones are located in Elbert County, and nobody knows where they came from. It is said that they only date to 1979. The walls are covered in writings that purport to be 10 new commandments and are written in several different languages including Swahili, Hindu, Chinese, Russian and English. Nobody knows much about the monument.

Lal Bahadur Shastri

Shastri left the country healthily and yet died a death nobody has been able to explain. Many say he died of a heart attack—but those who have checked the body say that he was in good shape. His wife claimed that he was poisoned, but it was never proven as there was no post mortem. There are rumors galore—but the answer was taken with Shastri to the grave.

D.B. Cooper

A strange mystery. D.B. Cooper hijacked a Boeing and $200,000. He jumped out of the plane with a parachute and was never found. The case of D.B. Cooper still remains the only unsolved case in American Aviation History. Will he ever be found?

Extra-terrestrial Signal

Jerry R. Ehman worked on the SETI project at the Ohio Wesleyan University Perkins Observatory and did not expect to be able to pick up a signal from outer space. He was surprised when he managed to get a 72 second signal from deep space… but he could never find the signal again and nobody to this day knows where that signal came from.

The Feet of British Columbia

One beach in British Columbia has been suffering from an influx of severed feet. For the past few years, there have been many theories as to where the feet come from—but no one has yet come up with the answer.

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