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A Palette For Murder tells the story of Lana Davis.

Lana Davis arrives in New Mexico from Los Angeles, planning to look up a former boyfriend and take in some sightseeing. But this all-expense-paid trip is not a vacation. She’s here to find Antonio Chavez, last seen in Santa Fe. He’s the missing beneficiary of a large life insur-ance policy her company issued. The heat is on because a disgruntled heir insists he should receive the proceeds instead. However bogus his claim is, the public relations nightmare he causes for her company is real. If Lana doesn’t find Antonio, her job is on the line.

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Vanessa A. Ryan’s writing style draws you in from the very first page. Her dialogue flows smoothly and realistically, and we feel like we know the characters before finishing the first chapter.

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A Palette for Murder by Vanessa A. Ryan

A Palette for Murder

by Vanessa A. Ryan

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