Three Mysteries To Mull Over in Your Mind

The Babushka Lady

The John F. Kennedy assassination is full of myths and legends, but one of the most interesting is the mysterious woman spotted in the film. Wearing a dark overcoat and a scarf on her head, she appeared to be holding something in front of her face, like a camera. She has been seen many times in the footage and was even present at the scene after most of the bystanders left. In later footage, she is seen moving away from the scene of the assassination. The FBI did request that the lady turn herself in and share any knowledge that she had of the assassination— she may have shot important footage with her camera—but she never turned up. Frauds have declared themselves as the Babushka Lady but nobody really knows who she was or why she was there, and the most important question has always been: Why wouldn’t she want to give up the evidence she had recorded?

The Green Children

In the 12th century, two children appeared in the village of Woolpit in Surrey. A brother and sister, they were perfectly normal children except that they had green skin. They spoke in a strange language and refused to eat anything other than pitch from bean pods. Over time, their skin lost its color and the children learned English. Their explanation for being green? They were from the “Land of St. Martin” which was dark because the sun never rose above the horizon. They were tending their father’s herd of cattle and followed a “river of light” when they heard the ringing of bells. Then they arrived in Woolpit. Some say they are parallel dimension children, some say they were aliens and some just think the whole incident was made up. What do you think?

The Aluminum Wedge of Aiud

In the early 1970s, a wedge-shaped object was found over one mile east of the city of Aiud, Romania. The object was discovered on the banks of the river Mures and was found alongside two mastodon bones. Many have said that the object looks like the head of a hammer, and it is apparently made of aluminium alloy encased in a layer of oxide. There are many strange things about the object—one of the most strange is that aluminium was not produced in any real quantity until 1885. Many say that the object is evidence of aliens visiting earth as there was no way for humans to create the alloy so long ago.

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