Why Reviews Are So Important To Authors

From time to time you may hear an author saying something akin to, “If you liked my book, leave me a review on Goodreads or on Amazon.”

And many of you oblige and write a review, especially those who have reviewed my book “A Palette For Murder.”

I know it can appear that authors just want the reviews to have their egos stroked, but it’s really not like that at all. Reviews are the way you can orally spread how you felt about the book. It’s like a vote in a general election. It’s a way for you to express what you liked, didn’t like and what you felt could have been better.

Reviews are important for the review-starved author. Many of them do their own marketing, promote their own books and spend much of their precious time promoting their books as best they can. 

Reviews are something they cannot easily get. Those are things that only you—the reader—can supply, and through your review, other readers can discover the book. It’s readers who hold the real power within the book world. You choose what you like, what you don’t like and what you think your friends may want to read.

Let me say that again—YOU, the Reader, hold the power, and it’s through you that other readers will discover books.

It may seem that sometimes your opinions go unnoticed, and there is no way to gauge how influential your review may be. Reviews can be short, long, a quick note or a decided rant about the book, but other readers considering buying the book may be swayed by your argument.

An ego trip is the furthest thing in the world that I want or need, but don’t think that your reviews go unnoticed. I try to like, comment and touch base with as many reviewers as possible.

So if you happen to read my new cozy mystery, “A Palette For Murder,” and you enjoyed it, leave me a note on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes &Noble or any other book seller and let me know what you thought. If you’ve already written a review—thank you! Don’t worry if you haven’t. I hope one day you will tell me how you really feel about my work.

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