My upcoming trip to the U.K.

I plan to visit England, Scotland and Wales. I’ve been to Europe a few times, but I never made it to the British Isles. Being an avid reader of Golden Age British mystery novels, I am excited to see the type of quaint villages they set their stories in. And course, as a fan of all Jane Austen novels, I can’t wait to see Bath, where some of her stories took place.

The one thing I am dreading is the plane from Los Angeles to London. It’s over ten hours. Somehow, I will have to get at least seven hours sleep during that flight. I opted to take a nonstop because packing and unpacking creates many opportunities for losing and forgetting things, at least for me. On one European trip I had a layover in New York, and when I spent a very short night in a hotel I ended up losing my contact lenses. On a trip to Ontario, Canada last year I left my mouse pad in the hotel because it blended in with the desk I was using, and I didn't notice it. Not this time. The mouse pad I’m taking for my laptop now is bright blue. Maybe this trip will inspire me to write a mystery about a forgetful sleuth. In the meantime, I’ll comfort myself by reading a Jane Austen novel on the plane. It's a bit worn around the edges, but if I lose it or someone mistakes it for my wallet, it won't cost much to replace.